Feb. 15, 2021

As we look around outside it appears that not much is happening – trees are bare and snow is covering everything. But . . . nature is vibrating, actively preparing for new growth in spring! That is how it is with the team at Cycle 16, under the surface there is a lot going on, preparing for spring.

Our Project Manager, Allan Kindrat, is finalizing the construction drawings for Phase 1, from The Bulkley Bridge to Laidlaw Road. A particular challenge for him is designing the grade on the hill above the Par 3. Active Transportation guidelines recommend a grade not steeper than 8%. Allan is working on keeping it less than that with switchbacks. There is very limited room there but he is working hard to achieve a reasonable grade.

Plans are being developed with the support of the Ministry of Transportation to design the path crossing over the cattle underpass beside the Hug Farm.

As well, conceptual designs are being drawn up for both an underpass and overpass highway crossing in the Phase 2 section of the trail.

The fundraising team has been working on grants and other funding initiatives. There are two large construction grants that we expect to hear about soon. We feel we have an advanced, shovel ready project that sits right in perfect position to fulfill the Active Transportation expectations being promoted by the Provincial Government. If successful in being awarded these grants, construction will begin this summer.

Fundraising – Ways you can help:

Take your empty bottles to the recycle centre and mark on them that they are for Cycle 16. We’ve received a cheque for $546.20 from the holiday contributions. Way to go, community!

Buy a tee shirt. Spring is just around the corner which means T-shirt weather. We have a variety of styles, sizes and colours. Help the cause, purchase a shirt. Check the options available on our Events page.
E-mail info@cycle16.ca to place your order.

We recently received two lovely donations:

  • $1000.00 from the Hanson, Cooke & Service families.
  • $2000.00 from Pauline Curry. Pauline is 93 and lives in the Meadows. Pauline along with her husband Bill were major players in the fundraising and planning for the BV Pool & Rec Center.
  • Thanks to all of who are working to keep the flame alive and helping keep this project rolling! We’ll be on a separated, paved bike path before you know it!