A paved path, separate from the highway, linking Telkwa, Smithers and rural areas, for the benefit and enjoyment of locals and tourists.

Board of Directors


President:  Tony Harris
Vice President:  Jeremy Shriber
Treasurer:  Janet Harris
Secretary:  Mary Brise
Member at Large:  Dan Boissevain
Member at Large:  Jill Dunbar
Member at Large:  Alison Watson

Book Keeper:  Annie Laurie



FAQ (?)

What do I get for my membership?
You add your voice to the project. The greater the membership numbers, the greater the opportunities to qualify for grants and to raise funds. A large membership also indicates the level of community support, which persuades governing bodies to move ahead on the project.

This is going to be a very expensive venture. Who will potentially use this trail?
Commuters will ride back & forth to work. People may use all of the trail or sections of the trail.  Recreational cyclists, roller bladers, elderly folks with walkers, people in wheelchairs, people in electric carts, people on electric bikes etc. Runners will run on it. Walkers will walk on it. Friends will visit on it. Parents will push their strollers on it. Cross-country skiiers will roller ski on it. Teachers will take their classes on it. Tourists will see it, stop and ride on it. Toddlers, tots, tweens, teens, adults, elderly, ANYONE!

How long do you think that it will take to actually get the trail built?
Depends on membership support and how long it takes the working groups to complete tasks. Realistically we should be looking at about a 5 year time frame.

How wide will the trail be?
3 meters

How far off the highway will the trail be located?
9 meters off of the fog-line (the white line along the edge of the road)

What will the surface of the trail be?
pavement with a yellow center line

Who will maintain the trail?
That is yet to be determined

E-MAIL YOUR QUESTIONS TO: info@cycle16.ca

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1 month ago

A huge boost from Carl Lutz, Rosemary Barnewall and the team in the Smithers office of MOTi
We are so grateful for all you are doing for this project.

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1 month ago

Jessy Chaplin presenting Cycle 16 with another generous donation.
The generosity for this project just continues to help us along.
We are full of gratitude.

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2 months ago

Looking for some great Christmas presents? Cycle 16 has them!


Place your order at info@cycle16.ca

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2 months ago

And here is the good news:

In mid-September 2020, as part of the BC Government Economic restart plan, Stronger BC, The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure received funding for various infrastructure improvement projects.  The Ministry was able to secure $500K of Active Transportation funding to support the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako and its work with the Cycle 16 Society and the goal of the multiuse path.  The Ministry has committed this investment for design of phase 1, and the purchase of materials such as gravels, culverts and signage.  We look forward to continuing to work with the RDBN and the Cycle 16 Society on this exciting potential project.
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2 months ago

Chin up during these gloomy times.
We have some good news about our progress which we can share with you soon.

Our best wishes to you all.

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