Detailed Construction Drawings
We are now at the point where we need to have detailed construction drawings drawn up.
We received a quote from our project management team ( WSP ). While strategizing about how to raise the necessary funds, we received an offer of funding from a yet to be disclosed funder. This is very welcome news, indeed, and removes a large load from our fundraising team. Drawings are expected to be completed this fall.

Agricultural Land Commission
We have final approval from the ALC for the Tersago ROW pending our soil restoration report. We hope to finalize and close this file asap. Once completed, we can finish our design of a route up the hill out of Smithers offering riders a safe path with reasonable grades.
The Regional District has recently made application to the ALC for permission to build the remainder of the trail going all the way into Telkwa. We hope to receive a positive response from the ALC sometime over the next few months.

Fundraising, how can you help
Should you be so inclined, please don’t forget to drop your bottles off at the bottle depot and let them know you are donating to the Cycle 16 Trail Society. This can be a source of significant fundraising and will be greatly appreciated.

New Board Members
Since our last call out for help, Allan Cormier & Sue Harrison have put their names forward to sit on the Board.
Both of these folks are work horses with proven track records and I can only hope that after sitting in on a few of our meetings, they still might be interested in becoming involved. What portfolios they hope to take on will become clear as they gain an understanding of the workload and tasks that need to be completed.
We hope to officially welcome them both to the Board at our AGM, October 21st
Sue has already taken on T-shirt sales and if you would like to order either a shirt or a tour de Croissant apron. ( great idea for a Christmas present! ), please email Sue via

Original artwork by Facundo Gastiazoro

Why I ditched my car!
Studies suggest that people who ride e-bikes, ride twice as often and three times as far as those on non-assisted bikes. The significant increase in e-bike sales, suggests building cycling infrastructure is sound planning.
This is most definitely worth a read:
Why I ditched my car for an e-bike – Leon’s Story

Annual General Meeting
Our AGM is scheduled for October 21st at 7pm
Due to Covid concerns we will hold the meeting via Zoom. Please stay tuned so you can take part in the evening, should you wish.