Wed., Oct. 21, 2020
Zoom Videoconference

1. Call to Order:
2. Acknowledgement: of being on the unceded territory of the Wet’suwet’en
3. Appointing of Chairman: Greg Brown
4. Determination of Quorum (5)
5. Approval of Agenda: – Items may be added from the floor;
6. Reading and approval of AGM 2019 minutes

7. Director’s Reports:

President’s Report: Tony Harris

Financial Report: Janet Harris / John Bakker

8. Election of Directors:

Nominations – all current directors, nominations received from the community prior to the meeting and nominations

from the floor. Nominations to date:

  • President: Tony Harris
  • Vice-president: Jeremy Shriber
  • Secretary: Mary Brise
  • Treasurer: Janet Harris
  • Directors at large: (4) Dan Boissevain, Alison Watson, Allan Cormier, and Sue Harrison
  • 9. Other Business:

    10. Adjournment:

Join AGM Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 737 7151 2349
Passcode: Cycle16AGM
Meeting starts at 7pm
If you are interested, our 2019 Financial Report will be on our web page www.cycle16.ca as soon as it has been approved by our Board members.